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Access your Tickit Health login screen at

Accessing your Tickit® Health account

Possibilities for Change partners with Tickit Health to provide up-to-date technology and a streamlined user experience in implementing RAAPS and ACT with your youth population. To access RAAPS or ACT technology, you will need a Tickit Health account. The administrator of the system for your organization will create an account for you in the Tickit Health database.

After your account has been created, you will receive an email from Tickit Health.

  • The email will come from “Tickit Notifications” with the subject line “Welcome to Tickit Health”
    *Note: if you did not receive this email please check your junk and spam folders
  • The body of the email will instruct you to click the “Create Password” button to create your password. This link will remain active for 5 days. If the link is not accessed and password created during that time, the link will need to be reissued by your site owner.
  • Reminder – Internet Explorer (IE) no longer meets compliance requirements and is no longer supported by our technology. Please switch over to an updated browser (like Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome) if you are currently using IE to access the website and system—most Microsoft-based systems now automatically have Edge as the default browser. Please see here for a list of approved browsers. If your email automatically tries to open IE when you click “Create Password”, you will see a blank screen. Right click to copy the link and copy into a different browser’s address bar.

Once you click the “Create Password” button, you will be taken to the Tickit Health log in screen.

Follow the instructions to create your own unique HIPAA compliant password.

Take note of the password requirements to meet compliance

Once you’ve created your password click “Create Password” to gain access to your Tickit Health account.

*Note: moving forward, you will access your account using your email address and the HIPAA compliant password you created.

Bookmark or favorite the Tickit Health URL for easy access in your browser of choice:

Need to change the email added as your login ID?

In the bottom right-hand corner of the page, click on your existing ID.  This will bring up ‘My Settings’.  Here you will be able to adjust your Login ID, in the event your email address has been changed.  Click ‘Save’ when complete.