System Support:
Hours of Availability
9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST (M – F)

Client Support:

Access your Tickit Health login screen at

Adding New Users

*NOTE: The ‘Users’ menu is available only to individuals who have the ‘Owner’ role. This menu is not available to individuals in the user or support role.

  • On the left navigation bar, click ‘Users’ to access the user database.
  • To add a new user, click the purple ‘Add new user’ button
  • Fill in all fields in the pop-up window. Note: All users must be created under your organization’s parent account to ensure they have access to all surveys and youth profiles–in the “Account” dropdown, select the option with the (P) next to it, if more than one option is available.
  • Select the proper role for each user. To review available role types, hover over each role type in the dropdown menu for a short role definition
    • Owner Role: The owner role has full access to your organization’s database. This role is only assigned on the back end of the system. If you would like to add an additional owner(s), reach out to client support.
    • User Role: The User Role is for professional or clinical staff. This role allows the user to view, notate and approve submitted surveys. They can also add, edit and manage youth profile as well as export data and run analytics.
    • Support Role: The support role is for your support staff such as MOA or MA. The support role has access to add, edit and manage youth profiles. They can also administer, view and print submitted survey along with exporting aggregate data and running analytics.
  • Once all fields are entered, click ‘Save’
  • When properly saved, you will see a purple bar at the top of your screen alerting you that the user has been sent an email with further instructions to access their account

Notes about individual accounts:

  • Do not create generic organizational users – this is not HIPAA compliant
  • Be sure to assign the correct role type for each individual users
  • Individual users will use their email address to access their Tickit Health account
  • New users will be required to add their own HIPAA compliant password upon first sign in.

Note: the account activation link sent from the Tickit Health system expires after one week and will need to be resent by the account owner if not accessed before expiration.