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Analytics: Introduction

Analytics provides a breakdown of youth answers to each survey question asked in a bar chart view. You can view responses along with identifiers for youth who have answered positively. Access the various analytics options/site reports in the left hand navigation.

Analytics/site reports can be filtered by:

  • Account: if your organization licenses more than  one site, you can choose to filter by one, multiple or all sites
  • Survey: select from the survey’s your organization licenses – you can only run analytics on one survey type at a time
  • Date range: choose from, today, all time or a custom date range
  • You can also Print or Download

After you have selected the proper filters, click directly on the question you would like to run analytics for. In the expanded window you’ll see:

  • The percentage of youth that answered both at risk and not at risk 
  • The total population of youth
  • The population of youth asked this specific question

Take the analytics a step further by clicking directly on the purple response bar.

Clicking on the response bar will open a window with information on the youth who have answered according to the response bar you have selected. Here you can:

  • See the youth identifier (1)
  • See the date the survey was taken (2)
  • See the flags associated with the youth’s full survey (3)
  • Access the youth’s individual survey report (4)