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9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST (M – F)

Client Support: clientsupport@pos4chg.org

Access your Tickit Health login screen at us.tickitforhealth.com/dashboard

Import Survey tools are currently available for RAAPS surveys.  These are links to enter the results of RAAPS surveys into the system.  For more information, please click here.  The ‘To Import RAAPS Results’ Survey Link is a system feature that must be activated for use.  If you do not see it listed under SURVEYS in your system, contact your site owner/administrator.

While in Reports, each time you click directly on the word ‘view’ it will open a new tab. You can click anywhere in the row (other than on the word view) to open the report in the same tab.

‘Risk’ is a tally of all questions asked and any answered positively for risk.

*Note- Tally may vary depending on survey type administered

‘Mental Health’ is a tally of the questions that address: bullying, serious problems, depression and suicidal ideation. A score of 2 or more will populate a red in the flag column. Also, a score of 2 or more was shown to be equivalent to an 11 or higher score on the PHQ9, indicating RAAPS is an effective depression screening tool for adolescents

‘Substance Use’ is a tally of the questions that address: nicotine & tobacco use, alcohol use, marijuana use and prescription drug use. A score of 2 or more (score of 1 or more if administering RAAPS OC or OCPH) will populate a red  in the flag column.

You can log out by clicking your UserName / email address at the bottom of the menu panel.

On the Tickit Health login screen click ‘Forgot Password?’ and follow the prompts. If you have continued difficulties, click the orange ‘Password Support’ button at the bottom of the Training & Support page.

Review a detailed article on this process HERE.

If a survey is completed under the incorrect youth ID, you can easily update to the correct ID by using the “Transfer report” function. Click here for step-by-step instructions.