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Sending a Remote Survey: To Youth or Device

You can send a survey to be completed by a youth at a remote location either via text message (sms; text rates/data charges may apply) or email.

To have a youth take a survey remotely, they must have a profile created first. Click here to access directions on Creating a Youth Profile.

Sending a survey remotely:

  • Locate the youth in the Profiles menu by searching for their Identifier or Name
  • Click anywhere within the row to open their profile
  • At the top of the profile, click on ‘Send survey’
  • In the pop-up window select:
    • The proper survey type
    • Either text message (sms) or email
    • Click ‘Send’
  • In the new pop-up window:
    • Carefully enter in the youth’s information for the delivery method you selected
    • Read the statements regarding sending a survey remotely
    • In order to send a survey remotely, it is required that you check the boxes to verify and acknowledge both statements
    • Click ‘Send’
  • Once the youth completes the survey remotely, it will populate in your Reports menu 

Sending a Survey to an Authorized Device in your Facility

Please note:

  • Only Owners can Authorize Devices
  • Similar to Surveys, only Authorize Devices at the location the survey is assigned and not your Parent (P) level organization

In addition to sending a survey to a Youth’s device (by SMS or email), you can send a survey to an authorized device(s) at your facility.  First a device will need to be Authorized (see Authorizing a Device, below).  Then when sending remote surveys, you’ll have an option to send them directly to the device(s) at your location where the youth will be seen. Also, if there is more than one location associated with your organization you can authorize multiple devices.

For example:

Your parent organization name is Excellence Health Center (P) and you have two locations:

  • Health Center A and Health Center B (these are the location accounts where Devices should be Authorized)

You may consider authorizing one or more devices for Health Center A and Health Center B in the event you may need to administer more than one survey at a time in your locations.

Please see the additional information below.

Authorizing a Device:

As an alternative to using a Survey link saved as desktop shortcut or a browser favorite on your tablet or other device, your location may opt to “Authorize a Device” and send specific youth Survey links to a device which can be accessed anytime that day.  This is a great way to prepare your workflow for the entire day.

To get started, first Youth will need to have a Profile created within Tickit Health. Click here to access directions on Creating a Youth Profile.

Next Authorize your Device(s):

  • Click “Devices” in the left-hand navigation bar
  • If this is the first time adding a Device, you will see that there are no Devices authorized
  • Click “+New Device”
    • Select the Account Name that you would like to have the Device Added (if you have more than one Account) and name the Device appropriately
    • A QR code will generate, which can be scanned using the camera on the tablet or other Device you are authorizing.
    • Click on the link that appears at the top of your camera screen, which will take you further instructions for saving the Tickit Health website to your tablet/device as a shortcut
  • On the Device, open the newly saved “Tickit” shortcut
    • Here you will see “Assigned Surveys”; please note that depending on the screen size of your Device, you may need to rotate your device to see the full screen.
    • When you choose a device for sending a remote survey, the surveys are sent to the specific Authorized Device through the Profile (see guidance below) and will be depicted in the above screen when available
    • When you see your assigned surveys listed in the screen above, select the Profile ID for the youth you would like to start the survey for
      • As an extra security measure, enter in the birthdate associated with that Profile ID or ask the youth to enter their birthdate
      • Once the birthdate is confirmed, that specific youth Survey will start

Sending a Survey to an Authorized Device:

Once your Device(s) are authorized, you can send surveys to the devices. 

  • Go to Profile in the left-hand navigation bar
    • Select the Profile ID which you would like to receive a survey
    • Click Send Survey at the top of the Profile
  • Complete the information required in the pop-up window:
    • Location (account) the survey will be assigned to
    • Survey type
    • Select the Device icon to send it to an Authorized Device at the selected location
      • When you select the Account in the first drop down, this is selecting the location for:
        • Sending the survey to the appropriate device(s) location
        • Ensuring the completed survey is associated with this location, and
        • The Analytics or population-based reports are updated with this survey results.
  • Once you click Send, you will see it appear on the list on your device and it will be available to administer to Youth:
  • Click “Start Survey” and you will be prompted to add the birthdate associated with the Profile ID as security measure before you start the survey
  • Once the birthdate is entered and confirmed, the survey will be started.

Please note:

  • Surveys that remain open for longer than 1 hour will move to a “Show Earlier” category. 
    • Click “Shown Earlier” to see surveys not completed