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Starting an Individual Survey

To start an individual survey, access “Surveys” on the left navigation panel.

  • Each survey has its own unique link specific to survey type and site location.
  • The youth for whom you are starting a survey must have a profile created prior to accessing the survey.
    • The youth ID entered prior to beginning a survey will be checked against your youth profiles. If the ID entered already exists within a profile, the survey will continue. However, if the ID doesn’t exist in a youth profile, an error message will pop up (screenshot below) and one of two things will need to be verified:
      • Was the correct ID entered for the youth? If not, reenter the correct ID.
  • The survey(s) you have access to are defaulted “on” – do not change this setting
  • Click on “Survey Link” associated with the survey you would like to start
  • A purple message will populate at the top of your screen confirming the survey link has been copied to your clipboard
  • You can paste this link into a new window, tab or into the body of an email
  • This link can also be used to create a shortcut on your tablet or desktop for easy and regular access to that survey link. For additional information on this process refer to the Training Video titled “Adding Quick Survey Access to Your Tablet”
  • You can also send a survey remotely either via text message (sms) or email directly from a youth’s profile. See Sending a Remote Survey for more

Note: youth are limited to completing only one of a given survey in a 7-day period. If a student accidentally clicks “Decline” when starting a survey:

  • Navigate to the declined report. You can do this be searching for their ID in the reports section.
  • Open the report and click “Mark as test” and their time limit for completing surveys will reset.
  • Reopen the survey that they need to complete and they will be able to proceed