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Surveys: Sample Link (Previously known as Test Link)

To practice/test your survey link and complete a survey without having those survey responses included in Reports, Analytics or Exports, you can use the sample link. (Please note that this was previously known as Test Link prior to February 5, 2021.) This function can be used for testing and training purposes and should not be sent to youth to complete.

To access a survey sample link:

  • Click “Surveys” on the left navigation panel.
  • Locate the survey you would like to test from your list of surveys (if you license more than one survey).
  • Click “Sample Link” associated with that survey.
  • A purple message will populate at the top of your screen confirming that the sample link has been successfully copied to your clipboard.
  • Open a new web browser window and paste the link directly into the address bar. 
  • A unique profile ID is required in your system, even for a “Sample” entry.  To create a “Sample Profile ID”, see here: Profiles: Creating a Youth Profile
  • We suggest using “TEST” as part of the ID as a unique identifier
    • NOTE: this will not prevent use of actual youth IDs in the test survey link.  Once an ID is available in the system, it can be used in both the survey and sample survey links.
  • Your survey responses for a survey taken via the “Sample link” will not be included in any data reports.
  • To view all “Sample” reports, access “Reports” on the left navigation panel and check the box “Show only sample reports”.
  • NOTE: Make sure you are not using the “Sample Link” unless it is truly a practice/test survey. The “Sample link” is the left link in the individual survey row—make sure you’re copying the correct link if intending to launch a youth vs. sample survey! 

When using the sample link, you will see a “preview mode” bar at the top of the page and a notice that the entry is marked as a test, indicating that you are using the test/practice environment: