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User: Role Definitions

*NOTE* The ‘Users’ menu is available only to users who have the ‘Owner’ role.

When adding new users into your database you must assign their role. The options to select from are User, Support, Researcher. Hover over each role option to see access each role type has. 

Role definitions:

  • Owner Role – Administrator:
    • Full access
    • Only assigned by Tickit Health
      *contact Tickit Health Zen Desk for questions
  • User Role – Professional or clinical staff:
    • All Support Role functions
    • View, notate and approve submitted surveys
    • Add, edit, manage youth profiles
    • Delete text surveys
    • Export data and download analytics
  • Support Role – Support Staff, MOA, MA:
    • Add, edit, manage youth profiles
    • View and print submitted surveys
    • Export data and download analytics
  • Researcher Role – Data collection:
    • Review de-identified reports
    • Export de-identified data

Notes about users:

  • Do not create generic organizational users – this is not HIPAA compliant
  • Be sure to assign the correct role for each of your users
  • To change a user role, click on “users” in the left panel, find the staff member you need to update and click “edit.”  Select the correct type rom the “Role” drop down and click “Save.”
  • Users will use their email address to access their Tickit Health account
  • New users will be required to add their own HIPAA compliant password upon first sign in