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Workflow: Reviewing a Submitted Survey: ACT NT

To access any submitted survey, click Reports on the left navigation panel.

Here you will be able to:

  • view surveys per site (account) if applicable to your site
  • view today’s surveys or you can choose to view all surveys over time or select a custom date range
  • search any youth who have submitted a survey
  • see submission date, youth identifier, all associated flags, survey status
  • view an individual survey report  

Access any submitted survey, by clicking “Reports” on the left navigation panel.

To locate the submitted survey you’d like to print, notate, review, or approve you can use the search bar or filter by Account or Date.


  • Only those with Owner or Users status have access to notate, review or approve surveys
  • The Reports screen defaults to show submitted surveys in the order they were completed
    • You can re-sort as desired by clicking on any column title
  • The list defaults to surveys completed ‘Today’; however, this can be changed to a Custom date range
  • If re-sorting settings are modified, they will need to be each time “Reports” is accessed, i.e. if you navigate away from “Reports” your sorting settings will not be saved.

The Reports page also displays submission date, youth identifier, survey type, survey flags and survey status.

If you are using ACT NT, the survey will be displayed as ACT NT report. 

If you are using RAAPS trigger ACT NT (this may be RAAPS, RAAPS PH or RAAPS YA), you will see two surveys for the same identifier (or profile):

  • RAAPS trigger ACT NT report, will be the RAAPS survey results
  • ACT NT report will be the ACT NT survey results of the RAAPS trigger ACT NT

If RAAPS trigger ACT NT was given; however, the ACT NT is not in the reports list, the ACT NT was not completed by the youth. This means the youth did not respond that they have used tobacco or nicotine products in the last 3 months. If you would like the youth to complete ACT NT regardless of their answer to this question in RAAPS, the ACT NT survey link will need to be opened and started separately from RAAPS trigger ACT NT.

To open an individual report:

  • In a new tab, click ‘View’
  • In the same tab, click anywhere within the row

The report header displays:

  • There are two views: Summary and Full.
    • Summary View: Represents questions/responses separated out into 10 category sections.
    • Full view: Represents a summary of the higher risk flags with questions/responses as well as the full list of questions/responses with flags.
  • Print: you have the option to print the survey report, associated health messages [action plan] or both
  • Label as Sample: marking as test will keep the report in your database but survey data is not included in analytics. This can be used for testing or training purposes 
  • Add Note: add review notes. Notes are saved toward the bottom of the report.
  • Request consent revocation / Delete: allows you to request to have a survey fully deleted from your organizations database
  • Status: choose from either “Reviewed” or “Approved”
  • Demographic information: pulled from the youth Profile
  • More: 
    • View Profile: View youth profile
    • Transfer Report: Transfer the specific report to another profile
  • Flags: allow you to quickly see positive:
    high risk(s)
    moderate risk(s)
    low risk(s)

Flagged: Populates all questions answered positive for risk

  • Health Messages: click on to view the resources associated with that question
  • Change an answer: Click ‘Edit’ to change an incorrect answer. Be sure to save

Questions: Populates all questions asked along with youth answers

  • Here you’ll also see grade and gender as answered by the youth within the survey
  • ‘Consent’ populates if a youth agreed to or declined to take the survey. If declined, the survey will end at that point. No answers will populate the report.
  • Any risk flags will populate in the flag column
  • Health Messages: click  to view the resource associated with that question
  • Change an answer: Click ‘Edit’ to update

Notes: Document any notes related to the survey responses

  • You can choose to make a note following your discussion or risk coaching regarding the full survey or to denote specific risks that were discussed
  • Be sure to click “Save note”
  • It will save the notes with your username.
  • You’ll be able to see the usernames of other staff who have made notes.